Dee offers coaching and healing utilizing the following trainings and techniques:

Shamanic Reiki

shamanic reikiReiki is a system of hands-on energy healing discovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese healer in 1927. Using Reiki, a practitioner taps into Universal Life Force energy for healing, prayer, guidance and relaxation.  It is a very potent form of vibrational healing that is passed from teacher to student during an attunement process.  Dee has attained the master level in this form of Reiki, as well as Karuna Reiki, which is an advanced system developed by William Rand.  

Shamanism is a natural path of healing and is the oldest form of spiritual practice on the planet. Shamans act as intermediaries between the world of spirit and the mundane world, using transcendant states of consciousness.  In this state they can access animal spirit allies, the energies of the four directions, and the wisdom of Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Star Nations, etc.

In both practices, contact and connection with Spirit is paramount.  By combining these practices, Dee is able to access both the lower and upper worlds, to connect with loved ones on the other side, to help retrieve or recover lost soul pieces, to extract and clear heavy or dense energies, to balance the chakras and to read the energy system for weaknesses in need of attention.



Artwork by Eric Singleton

We are most open to the messages of Spirit when we are asleep.  Dreams tap into that imaginal realm in which all is possible and our logical mind is not around to interject its reason.  As always, Spirit speaks to us in code, not straight up, allowing us to interpret its meaning on a multitude on levels and in multiple dimensions.  Dreams can be both literal warnings, figurative journeys and spiritual guidance all in one.

The key to working with your dreams is to work with them, honor them, decode their meaning using your own personal dream dictionary, not one you might find on line or elsewhere.  Only then can you derive the deeper meaning of your dreams, free your dreamgates for easier access to the imaginal realm and make meaning of the guidance offered you during your nighttime sojourns.

Dee works extensively with dreams, particularly with those related to the creative process.  She has had the plots of novels spring from her dreams fully realized.  She believes dreams are  a gateway to the development of the creative process, not just in works but in co-creating our lives and our destinies.

Womb Work

As a Womb Priestess, Dee vows to help women recognize the power, creative energy and intuition inherent in our wombs.  Through womb healing and activation we can develop and draw on these innate faculties for the betterment of our own lives, that of our children and our ancestors.  It is in our power as women to hold and heal our family line, releasing generations of pain, sorrow, shame and debasement of the Divine Feminine archetype, as well as the everyday woman.

The goal in this work is to bring back the connection with the elements of the Earth, the Cosmic womb and the womb within, in order to restore balance between male and female energies. The ultimate agenda is to foster Sacred Union or men and women in a way that supports and uplifts all. 


crystal gridAll crystals, from the clear quartz in your watch, to the blackest obsidian scrying ball, serve the same function–to store and direct energy.  That clear quartz may be the easiest crystal to work with, as it can be programmed to work in almost any way you choose.  Colored crystals, such as smoky quartz, red jasper, yellow citrine, and others respond better to some purposes than others or some part of the energy field better than others.

Black or very dark crystals often work best as protection.  Red stones often work best with the root chakra; purple or white stones, such as amethyst or kunzite work best with the crown chakra (or third eye).  During a session, Dee might place crystals on your body to help bolster part of your energy field that is weak, overused or is in particular need of healing.   She might also place you in a crystal grid to activate parts of your energy system in a particular pattern. 

Sound Healing

sound healingEverything in the Universe vibrates.  We all operate on our own personal frequency.  The higher the frequency, the healthier the vibration.  Think of it in terms of the three states of matter–solid, liquid and gas. What is ice but a more dense form or water?  What is gas but a less dense form. What is the difference between these three states?  Temperature.  How fast the molecules vibrate depends on how hot they are.

When we talk about states of matter, no state is more desirable than another, per se.  But when it comes to our energy bodies, we definitely want our molecules vibrating at the highest possible frequency.  This is why we often have as our goal to raise or frequency, to shed negativity or dense energies that clog our energy fields.  One way to do this is through the natural vibrations of sound.

Toning, chanting, singing, playing musical instruments, be they chimes, rattles, drums, flutes or others have profound effects on our energy system.  Sound can be used to clear the chakras, extract unwanted energies, strengthen the aura and in a variety of different ways.  


goddessyDee  has always had a love of dance and movement.  She studied the Restifo Technique for two years but is currently continuing her studies in dance centered around bringing forth kundalini energy and the heart-womb connection of sacred feminine dance.  

Sessions can often include instruction in sacred movement, though it is more common element of Goddess Parties or her workshops.  As her studies advance, Dee expects to incorporate more movement and dance in her work. 


Dee has studied hands-on with Amy Galper of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy.  Dee works with her clients holistically, using essential oils, herbs, salves, waxes and other products to address her clients needs on all levels–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  She is available for private consultation.  Her line of products are available at her Bronx office, on this website, in her Etsy shop.