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reikishareFor many years my sister and I hosted a Reikishare in Mt. Vernon, New York.  A Reikishare is a gathering of Reiki and non-Reiki folk (those who have and have not been attuned to give this healing energy).  The best thing about those times was the gathering of friends, family and like-minded souls, usually once a month, for healing and discussion and laughter.  

I really missed those times.

So I am bringing back the Reikishare, right here in Bronx, NY at Confetti Party Place at 3190 Westchester Avenue, in the shade of the #6 train.  Although some people like to conduct their shares only with people who have already been attuned, that is not my preference.  As humans, part of our birthright is to be able to heal with our hands.  Think of the first thing you do when a loved one is upset–you touch them–maybe a hand on the shoulder or stroking a baby’s back or hugging a loved one to comfort them.  

All of us have power in our hands so each of us has something to offer and share at the Reikishare.  

So, you’re not sure what Reiki is or how it can help you.  A Reikishare is a great place to learn about Reiki and more than that EXPERIENCE the energy first hand, know how relaxing and soothing and stress relieving it can be.

For those who are new to Reiki and Reikishare, I offer three tips for getting the most out of a ‘share.

  1.  Arrive on time.  Get a chance to meet the other participants and feel comfortable with the other people who have come out to the event.  Even though you are at a healing event you are there to network also and see if you want to stay connected with some of the other people who show up.
  2. Bring an open mind. Sometimes during the meditation or the “time on the table” people experience, as one of my students called it, “trippy, airy fairy” visions.  Most people just feel relaxed and very comfortable.  Just remember to let go of your everyday tensions and BREATHE.
  3. Come prepared to share.  People really do come out to SHARE.  They share their stories, their energy, their experience, their knowledge.  Unlike a workshop, where a practitioner or expert gives you information or ideas or activities.  The Reiki Master at a Reikishare acts as more of a facilitator to keep the ‘share going and to prevent folks from OVERsharing, too.  No one’s expecting you to spill your guts, but we do hope you will let us know a little bit about you and what brings you to the Reikishare to begin with.

If you are interested in joining us on Thursday, you can register here and save $5 on admission, too.

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