nanimals2Reiki is a powerful, healing energy that will literally change your life.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been transformed by being attuned to Reiki’s energetic frequency.  I hope you will allow me to guide you through this transition as your teacher and ally.

Here is the breakdown of the classes I am offering on March 15 and 16, Reiki I and II:

Reiki I:  Reiki for Self 

Reiki I attunement opens up the channel for reiki energy to flow through the practitioner.   This class covers the history and development of reiki, what reiki is and is not, how to give reiki to yourself and others and other topics.    The emphasis in this course is on self-healing, but Reiki I practitioners are able to work on others as well.   Course fees include a manual, certificate and ample practice time for all techniques taught.  This is a one day course.  There is no prerequisite for Reiki I.



Reiki II:  Reiki for Others  

Reiki II attunement further opens the channel to hold reiki energy for the treatment of the practitioner and others.  Three symbols are introduced that can strengthen the reiki 

energy, balance thoughts and emotions and send reiki through time, distance and dimension.  Though the emphasis in this class is on treating others, advanced techniques for self care are also taught.  Course fees include a manual and ample practice time for all techniques taught.  This is a one day course.  Reiki I is the prerequisite for Reiki II.

These classes are being held in my Bronx office, 3003 Wickham Avenue off Adee Avenue. This is a residential area with plenty of parking on the street. For more information contact me at

To sign up for the class, you will need to make a $75. deposit to hold you place in class, then fill out the form below: