Spring Has Sprung–Are You Ready?

When I was a child, there was no doubt about when the seasons changed.  This had nothing to do with the lack of global warming, but with my mother.  Each turn of the wheel of the year came with different familial obligations.  In Fall, it was purchasing new school supplies and outfits for the year.  In Spring, it was cleaning.  

Spring was all about getting into every nook and cranny of our house and washing everything–from the curtains on the windows to the paint on the walls (as needed due to our sticky fingers) and everything in between.  There was always a weekend or two in which we washed till we dropped, but I have to admit, clearing out the old, getting new Spring clothes and new Spring energy felt good after the hibernation and introspection of winter.

Spring energy is about the return of the sun after a long hiatus, the return of life and youth.  It’s about new conception (literal and figurative), new ideas, new plans, rejuvenation and renewal.  It’s the time to come out of your hidey hole, having shed what doesn’t serve and be a part of the world again.

Here are three ways to take advantage of Spring energy:

  1.  CLEAN–in both a physical and metaphysical level.  Clear the clutter in your house.  Throw out or give away or sell anything  that you haven’t used in the past year.  Brush out any dust bunnies or anything else that has accumulated in unlikely spaces.  Open the windows, the door, the cabinets and closets to air out your living space.  Scrub your house clean with environmentally safe products.  Smudge your house with sage, palo santo, essential oils or salt water to clean energetically. 
  2. PLAN–Spring energy can help you to open to new perspectives and vistas.  You may see things more clearly now, so it may be time to reformulate what you intend to do going forward. Make a new dream or vision board to help you visualize what you are trying to call in at the moment.
  3. ENJOY–get out in nature to acclimate yourself to the new season.  If you can, find somewhere to walk with your bare feet on the Earth.  Work in your garden (or plant one on your windowsill). Lie flat on the ground or on the floor and feel your connection with the planet coming up and into your chakras. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.  Eat some sunflower seeds.  

If you want some ideas on green cleaning products to use, where to get sage or palo santo or other supplies, send me a message at dee@thegoddessdreams.com.

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