Stepping out on the good foot

dee savoy (512x640) (100x125) (2)Let me start my first post on this new site by saying how glad I am to be posting from the Goddess Dreams.  This is the website and the work that I have been dying to do since I started on the healing path.  I dabbled in a lot of other stuff, which really amounts to a lot of toe-dipping and cautious going rather than jumping into what I wanted with both feet.

Honestly that’s not my true nature.  I started out this life as kind of a daredevil (see my story here).  It’s the part of myself that I have fought hard to reclaim in the last couple of years.  As both a healer and a coach I know helping others recover and nurture their brave selves is part of my mission.  In many ways, I have become that wounded healer who figured out how to heal herself and now knows how to help others.

mother-earthI called this blog Creatrix, because that’s what we all are, as women.  That is the function of the Goddess vibration–to serve as the wild chaos of creative energy before it has concretized into form.  It is this impulse to create, housed in the sacral or womb chakra in our bodies, that provides us with our strongest intuition and guidance.  It connects us to our family line, or ancestors and Mother Earth.  We are all creators, whether or not we ever bear children or rear them for we carry this energy in our bodies.  

dee favi (309x640)I also wanted to use a term that my many writer, dancer and artist friends would feel comfortable adopting as their own.  It is not just what we do but who we are. We feel that creative impulse, perhaps more strongly than others since we act on its call. (By the way, those of you who remember the reiki4writers blog–this is the new that!)

 My purpose on this blog is to awe you, inspire you, provide information and guidance for moving forward as the creative beings that we are.  I hope you will come to look on this spot as a great resource for strength and courage and ideas.  I hope you will continue to join me on this journey and that together we fulfill the motto of this website stated below–

Dream big. Dare greatly. Create from the heart.

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