The Three C’s for calling in your dreams

Way back when I was publishing on a regular basis, people would ask me all the time what the secret to getting published was.  I would always answer–finish the damn book.  You can’t get noticed by an agent or an editor if you don’t get your book out of your head and onto the paper.

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But of course it isn’t as simple as that.

A career in writing is no joke and not for the thin skinned or faint of heart.  Because even if you do succeed in putting your words on paper, that may be the easiest part of the process.  Unless you’re content that only your mom and your third grade teacher have read your opus, you need to get your work in front of the public somehow.  And then they get to judge your work however they want.

You have to put yourself out there, in more ways than one.  The first is when you expose yourself by putting your authentic self in your work –readers know it when you don’t and they don’t like it.  Second you have to make yourself visible and accessible in order to get your work in the hands of would-be readers and other helpful folks.

You can’t hide your light–or your work–or your self under a bushel and expect to move forward on your dreams.  You need to take advantage of the three Cs for calling in your dreams:

 1.  Clarity–nothing helps you succeed at getting what you want like knowing what you desire.  The Universe can be like the waiter in a fancy restaurant–willing to bring you whatever you want–as long as you articulate what that is.  This is why vision boarding and other desire-mapping processes are so important.  You’ve got to be able to envision or embody what it is you want to call in.

If you need help clarifying what you want, check out the video below.  

2.  Courage–No one is saying that putting yourself out in the world is easy.  It’s damn hard.  Courage comes in when you do it anyway.  Like my client Priscilla.  She had the dream of opening a play center for autistic children like her younger daughter.  But rather than holding back, she reached out to a local sporting center with her idea.  Not only did they give her the space (and renovate it for her), others stepped forward to donate items and their own time to make her vision come true.  This Saturday she launches her first program at Aut to be Fit in Pinebrook, NY.  Check out her Open House event page on Facebook here.  Way to go, Priscilla.

3.  Confidence–Nothing succeeds like confidence.  This means working on shedding the fears, self-doubts, worries and other bugaboos that hold us back from acting powerfully and courageously on our dreams.  Having confidence means having faith in not only yourself and your own abilities, but having faith that the Universe is behind you and has your best interests at heart.  If you feel lacking in the confidence arena, you need to stop second guessing yourself and step out on faith that you can do what you set out to do.  

Of course, knowing what you should do and actually doing it are two different things.  Sometimes the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, weak, weak.  Or you feel like you have no support or back up when you put yourself out there on a limb.  

That’s why I am offering my Fierce, Focused and Feminine program designed to give you kickass clarity, courage and confidence to face life’s challenges and call in the life, work and love of your dreams.  I call this Awakening Your Inner Amazon.

This program is for you if you feel:

    • fazed by a new phase of your life
    • mired in place but don’t know how to move forward
    • unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your status quo
    • like it’s finally time to really get what you want out of your life, your love and your work


This 40-day group program focuses on activating and energizing this fourth feminine archetype in our energy field through our connection with the four basic elements inherent in nature. We will draw out and explore our relationship with Goddess Guides, animal and elemental allies, Guardian Angels and other spirit helpers in regard to

    • Fire–what is your passion?
    • Air–what is your vision?
    • Water–what are you creating?
    • Earth–what are you manifesting for yourself

For more information, please visit FIERCE FOCUSED AND FEMININE.

Or CLICK HERE listen to the replay of my AWAKENING YOUR INNER AMAZON Telecall 


For a limited time this ONLINE group coaching program is available for only $97

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