The Wheel Keeps Spinnin’ Round and Round . . .

I don’t know about you, but I am sure glad to see 2015 go.  For so many it was a hard year, even if we were working toward our goals.

Now 2016 is here, a year offering promise, a fresh start and the chance to reap all that was sown last year.

wheel of the year tarot readingBut what do we have in store for us?  How can we make the most of the new year?  What challenges and opportunities will we face month to month?

Great questions that we would all love to have the answers to.  That’s why I’m offering my special Wheel of the Year Tarot reading.  This is a thirteen card reading that has at its center your theme card for the year.  Then one card is drawn for each month of the year.

Some of the issues that usually come forward in Wheel of the Year Readings:

  • your work:  what’s coming up for you in the coming year
  • your love life:  is there someone new on the horizon or how is your current relationship progressing
  • your family:  is everyone doing well or are there challenges on the horizon
  • your life purpose:  are you fulfilling your mission or do you need more guidance


This reading usually last between 45 minutes and an hour.  There’s plenty of times for questions, clarifications and comments.  Normally, my readings are $75. an hour, but I am offering these readings for $50 for the month of January.  These readings can be done in person (at my Bronx office only), by phone or by SKYPE.  The choice is yours.

To sign up for a reading or for more information, email me at (and put WOTY reading in the subject line) or call me at 347-913-6052.  


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