Thorne/Ward Series

October 2000

When dancer Jenny Scanlon makes a brief visit home, she doesn’t anticipate the return of the man she’s loved since she was a teenager, darkly handsome Michael Thorne–or that a long buried family secret will re-ignite a reckless passion. Michael would have sworn Jenny’s feelings for him back then were only a harmless crush, but now, ten years later, Jenny’s rare beauty and fiery spirit are definitely dangerous to his peace of mind. But as Jenny and Michael struggle with the past, they must make some heartbreaking choices to find a future filled with love.

Once and Again
May 2001

Left at the altar by a woman he doesn’t love, Nathan Ward believes his wedding day can’t possibly hold any more surprises–until he spots his first love Daphne Thorne among the wedding guests, looking as beautiful as ever.

Daphne says she’ll never give him another chance, but somehow Nathan talks her into letting him and his infant daughter move into her vacant apartment. How is she supposed to convince herself that her footloose old flame will never settle down, when he seems to have done just that–right under her own roof.

Midnight Magic
October 2001

Interior designer Elise Taylor has never kept secrets from her pediatrician husband Garrett. But when a doctor gives Elise some startling news, she hesitates to share it–because for the first time in seventeen years of marriage, she suspects Garrett is keeping secrets of his own.
A holiday trip to a secluded Caribbean island is the perfect place for them to re-ignite their passion in the new year. But first they need to be honest with one another. Only then can they rediscover the power of their love–and face whatever the future holds . . . together.

Not the One
November 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-386-6

Nina Ward is at an impasse of her own making. She wants to have a child, but she wants one the old fashioned way–with a husband. When her on-again/off-again significant other marries another woman, Nina sights turn to pediatrician Matthew Peterson as a likely candidate for matrimony and fatherhood. At first, Nina dismisses him as inconsequential, but the more she gets to know the good doctor, the more convinced her first impression was a hasty one. What Nina doesn’t know is that Matthew harbors a secret, one that could change her opinion of him and destroy the fragile relationship building between them.

An Innocent Man
August 2006
ISBN: 1-58314-776-4
Francesca (Frankie) Hairston, is set to testify at the trial of a handyman accused of committing a series of violent crimes around the college campus where she used to teach. Because the accused doesn’t resemble her own attacker, Frankie decides to hire a private investigator to do some digging. Although she’s convinced that there’s more to the case than meets the eye, what she doesn’t expect to unearth is her long-dormant romantic passion.

For reasons of his own, private detective Nelson Santiago is reluctant to take on the case. Having sworn off women since his divorce, he is surprised to find that he’s attracted to Frankie Hairston and agrees to help her. What he doesn’t count on is the emotional intensity and physical danger they both encounter in stalking Frankie’s mysterious assailant.