Developing the wisdom of the belly, the brain and the heart to enhance your inner guidance.

eye intuition

When: Saturday, April 5 7 pm (gather at 6:45)
Where: Traprock Suite 130 Brook Street, Scarsdale NY
Exchange: $50
For more information or to register, please call (914) 725-5656 or email Dee at

We each have three centers of intuition corresponding to three different areas of the body and their related chakras. The belly represents our gut instinct, the anima. The brain our more cerebral connection to dreamwork and the higher realms. The heart serves not only as the mediator of the other two, but generates the strongest magnetic field and greatest influence of any other organ in the body.

This workshop will help you develop each type of intuition, help you understand when to consult each and teach you skills to continue to enhance these intuitions on your own.

Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring a pen and paper. 

Dee Savoy comes from a powerful lineage of seers, healers, and mediums. She has always been both a strong dreamer and an adept interpreter of dreams. She picked up her first deck of Tarot cards at age 14. She has been reading ever since. As a coach, Dee helps her clients tap into their own intuition and the guidance they receive from their helper spirits to awaken their true Goddess nature. As an intuitive healer, Dee uses her knowledge of Reiki, mediumship, essential oils, sound healing, Shamanism and dreamwork to provide individualized healing experiences for her clients. Her website is