Wade in the Water: What your Water Dreams
May be Trying to Tell You

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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming with water.  I believe this may have something to do with the Spirit Canoe workshop I am giving this weekend with Irma Starspirit and Lubi Choudhury.  We plan to go into the depths of the water for soul awakening and healing ancestral wounds.  It promises to be a powerful gathering.

To my mind, water is the most profound of the four major elements (earth, air, fire, water). Part of that is due to my being a water sign–Scorpio.  But I’ve always had a love affair with water.  Summers spent at Orchard Beach in the Bronx and on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard helped forge this deep connection.

Even more important than the physical experience of an element is its archetypal meaning.  Water is an ancient symbol of the womb, of creation and creativity of the fluid connection with Spirit.  Water is symbolic of our emotional state and the state of our Spiritual body.  Through the tides, water is linked with the Moon, mystery and change.

The depths of the waters represent the depths of our psyche, secrets, ancient knowledge and our ancestral connections.  In many traditions it can even represent death–such as the location of Davy Jones’ locker.   

When we dream with water, we are immersing ourselves in this element and strengthening our connection with the water archetype.  Water becomes our ally for self-knowledge, understanding and healing.  And as in any other dream, we want to figure out what messages about ourselves or others the element is trying to share us.


finding soul piece

Me as a Mermaid seeking a Missing Soul Piece


First and foremost, when exploring any dream, we need to take responsibility for the dream meaning.  Accept that no one can “interpret” your dream for you.  Only you can decide what your dream means for you.  That is your power as the dreamer–don’t give it away to anyone else, but you can allow others to help you uncover or unmask the symbology and messages of your dream.


finding a piece of my soul in the ocean

Me rising to the surface of turbulent water with the soul piece

The next thing to consider is how you feel upon awakening from the dream.  Do you feel empowered, frightened, relived, dejected, curious, anxious or some other emotion.  In one of my recent dreams, I was initially frightened by falling into a turbulent ocean, but then I turned into a Mermaid to seek out and find the missing piece of my foundation (soul piece) that had fallen into the water.  Being able to restore my foundation (my soul) to wholeness left me feeling triumphant, despite initial fear of the water.

Here are a few sites that discuss possible meanings of water in your dreams.  They can help you explore the particulars of the images in your dreams.  But again, you are always the final arbiter of what dream symbols “mean.”

I also try to honor my dream messages in some way.  It’s a way to let the dream source know you want to keep the connection open. Hence, I drew the pictures of myself in my dream. 

Finally, the messages that come to us in our dreams are meant to inform our waking life also.  My dreams were encouraging me to work on my creative side, which I have been happily doing.  Your dreams might be encouraging you to try something else, to watch out for something up for you in the near future, to explore some part of you that you have been ignoring.  

More often than not, in my experience water dreams are an invitation to delve into the depths of the soul, to face ourselves and thereby heal ourselves in new ways.

Let’s hear from you.  What water dreams have you had lately?  What have they been trying to tell you?  How have you acted or could you act on this information?  Please post below and share your experiences.

And remember, dream big, dare greatly and create from the heart,

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