Wednesday Wisdom: Don’t worry ’bout a thing . . .

I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend.  As always, I call on folks to remember not just those warriors who died in battle, but all those warriors for peace who have fallen also. Seeking love, peace and understanding are no safeguard against violence–in fact, the opposite often seems to be the case.

In this second installment of our new feature, I turned to my handy-dandy Thoth deck, as my Goddess Oracle deck is packed away for my trip to North Carolina.  To be honest, I have never really bonded with this deck, as the colors and images are a little dark for my taste.  I don’t need pretty, pretty princesses on my cards, but damn.

princess of swordsThe card I picked for this week’s divination was the Princess of Swords.  Well, she’s not a pretty, pretty princess either.  In fact, she’s a warrior girl, slashing her sword against looming enemies. A sun seems to be rising on the horizon, about to banish whatever dark forces she fights against.

The meaning of this card is one level very plain–take heart–and arms–against those forces around you that come up against you.  The booklet that came with this deck suggests this meaning:  “Allow strife, troubles, and worries to collapse.”  However, this doesn’t ring true for this depiction.  Our girl is active in beating back her challenges, not passively letting them fall away before her.

Funnily enough, this past holiday when my family was together, we were listening to Bob Marley songs and his classic Three Little Birds played. Most people remember the song only by its chorus: Don’t worry ’bout a thing, ’cause every little thing’s gonna be all right . . .  Marley was certainly a warrior for peace, an activist though song and deed.

So that’s it for our bit of Wednesday Wisdom.  Now it’s your turn.  Post in the comments below: What are you working on releasing right now? What steps are you taking to get rid of doubts and insecurities?  How are you resolving any issues of contention or strife around you?

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