Wednesday Wisdom: made with love?

eight of pentaclesAnyone sensitive to energy knows that we are in a powerful energy flow at the moment.  We just came off a Friday the 13th full moon–all very powerful indicators of the Goddess; Mercury is retrograde once again, as are four other planets.  The Cosmos are a hot mess right now.

Fittingly, I picked the 8 of pentacles as this week’s card.  It depicts the Chinese creation Goddess Nu Gua, fashioning the race of men and women.  This is a time of planning and preparation, getting ourselves and our creations ready for the next step.  It is not a time for new ventures, unless you really like it rough–or you just can’t wait–to bring new projects to fruition.

One thing I notice about this card is the loving hand Nu Gua seems to give to her creations.  It suggests its time to treat ourselves, our loved ones and our creations with some TLC if we want the best outcome.  Starting with yourself–when’s the last time you did something to treat or pamper yourself as a reward for all you do, not a guilt-riddled pleasure since you could have been spending your time and money on something else?  Now with your loved ones–when’s the last time you showed your affection in a demonstrative way or even embarrassed them with the richness of your compliments?  How about your work–do you appreciate your accomplishments or demand more of yourself or your job or your colleagues (or subordinates)?  Slow down your busy schedule enough to show some love to yourself and those around you.

Since we are most often hardest on ourselves, here are 5 ways to pamper yourself without really trying:

1.  Add a couple of drops of lavender or another flowery essential oil to your lotion when you get out of the shower.  You will smell great and feel great.

2.  Every time you pass by a mirror or other shiny surface think, “You look mahvelous.”

3.  Think of three things you appreciate about yourself (that have nothing to do with looks).  Write them in your journal.  When you feel down, check your list.

4.  Take a walk, dance to your favorite music, sing at the top of your lungs.  Do something physical that isn’t “exercise,” but let’s you feel “in the body.”

5.  Remind yourself that you are a work-in-progress (we all are)!  As long as you’re not dead, there’s time to move, to grow, to change, to adapt, to do whatever it is your heart desires (even though not always in the way you first imagined).  Never give up on yourself.  The Universe won’t.

Please feel free to post below how things have been going with you this past week.  Are you feeling the TLC or do you need to work on being more gentle with yourself and others?

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