Wednesday Wisdom — New Goddess Dreams Feature

Ciao bellas,

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I am introducing a new feature here on the Goddess Dreams.  Everybody needs a little guidance, and I tend to draw a card or two for myself every week to figure out what influences are surrounding them. 

I also read frequently for my coaching clients to help them make decisions about what is coming forward for them.  So my dears, each week you will be getting a free one card reading from moi that can help you understand the influences surrounding your week.

Why Wednesday? you are probably wondering.  Wednesday is hump day, the middle of the week, the time when folks are most likely to need a little help, inspiration or motivation to make it past that hump and into the weekend.  Wednesday also carries the energy of Mercury, the messenger of the gods.  This makes it a great day for communications, as well.

So without further ado, let me get to your weekly reading . . .

I use the Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti and Antonella Platano (hey, another Italian Connection)  The cards are beautiful and I love how inclusive they are of pantheons besides the usual Greek, Roman and Celtic ladies.  I truly believe all Goddesses deserve respect, admiration and inclusion in our work.  

The card that I picked was {{{drumroll, please}}}

Three of Pentacles

three of pentaclesIn this card we see the three Hesperides, goddesses of the setting sun, relaxing against a tree on which three pentacles hang.  The pentacles act as a substitute for the golden apples of immortality, a gift from Gaia (Mother Earth) to Hera, the Queen of the Greek gods, the Hesperides were charged with guarding.  In the background we see a representation of Ladon, their hundred-headed dragon protector.  

Meaning:  The goddesses rest after an initial bout of success, perhaps on a creative project. However, it is suggested that more work is in store, involving teamwork, calling in allies and protectors. This is a time for rest and planning, enjoying the successes that have been yours so far, but also knowing that the road ahead may require more than you can do on your own. 

The fact that this card is in the pentacles suit, it suggests that concerns here are of a more practical than esoteric nature.  Look into the details of your latest project and make sure everything is in order.

This is a card of encouragement and consolidation. Get your butt, your peeps and your dreams in gear for the next phase of the plan! 

Interestingly enough I attended a meeting last night in which I and a few others were preparing to enlist more supporters and more training in how to proceed with a venture. And for some reason I found myself drawing a dragon.  The dragon is a powerful animal ally of mine.  Despite the public image of dragons, they represent feminine energy.  So maybe it’s your girls you need to make sure have your back as you move forward.

So obviously, I’m feeling the energy of the Three of Pentacles.  How about you?  Post in the comment below to tell us what projects you are working on now.   Are you in that restful planning stage?  What do you need to get into place to move forward?  

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