Wednesday Wisdom: Nurture Your Inner Catwoman

This week’s wisdom comes from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck.  This is the first deck of oracle cards I ever purchased.  Unlike Tarot decks, which depict the same set of cards in a variety of ways, oracle cards can be based on just about anything.  The idea is to pick a card or cards while concentrating on the question or questions that need answering.

bastIt’s no surprise that I love to work with Goddess energy and this deck is a particular favorite. The card that I chose today was Bast, which stands for independence.  Her message is

“Your independence is a foundation for your strength and success.”

Bast is the cat goddess of ancient Egypt, the sister/counterpart of Sekhmet the lion-headed goddess who, much like Kali, went a little postal on the world, forcing a divine intervention. Cat energy is, well, fierce.  And sometimes a girl’s got to embrace her inner feline and call on that cat-like self-sufficiency–hopefully without the mayhem.

Even though this is a time of forming commitments and community with like-minded men and women, it’s important to remember that we must see that our own needs are met, as we strive to meet the needs of others.  We must make sure we have built a strong foundation for ourselves, even as we work to help others shore up their surroundings.  It’s okay to need some solitude for recharging, relaxation, meditation and peace.  It’s a necessity if you want to maintain your own health and well being whether in community or out.

Even as we gather together, remember, each individual expression is valued, needed and essential.

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