Wednesday Wisdom: Strike while the iron
(and the weather) is hot

thoth swiftness eight of wandsThis week’s divination comes from the Thoth tarot deck of Aleister Crowley.  We get the eight of wands which bears the message–Swiftness.  This sentiment doesn’t surprise me, as Mercury has finally gone direct (though its shadow will still hang around a bit). The retrograde is a time for introspection, planning and stillness. Once this time is over, it’s time to get busy putting all those plans into motion.

This is an especially potent time for getting projects going as we have only a few days left before the full moon next weekend. Waxing moons are great times to increase those things we want to bring into our life, like greater clarity, more courage, or whatever you are needing.  Use these energies to help bring what you desire into manifestation.

I hope this has provided you with information you can use.  If this sounds like where you’re at right now, please post in the comments below and let me know.

Check back next Wednesday for some hump day divination.



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