Wednesday Wisdom: The word is T-I-R-E-D

Don’t ask me what possesed me, but I spent Sunday shlepping around New England in a U-haul picking up antique and not-so-antique furniture with my sister Shari.  Well, what possessed me was that none of the young men in the family was available for the trip, so we somewhat middle aged ladies, to paraphrase a particular comic, got her did.

If you’ve been following my Youtube channel, you know my family just purchased the Jospeph Teel House with the intention of refurbishing it in the style to which it had become accustomed way back in 1789.  So we drove from New York where we live, to Connecticut, to Massachussets to Rhode Island, recovering gently used dining room chairs, two twin beds, another bed and matching high boy, not to mention the dining room table we had delivered.

As we collected our bounty we wondered how us (semi-old) broads were going to get all this stuff out of the truck and into the house by ourselves.

Believe it or not, this wasn’t the biggest obstacle we’d faced.

Let’s start at the beginning, a few years back my sister worked in Norwich Connecticut and used to take a Tai Chi class across the street from Teel.  She’d heard there was a ballroom in this home that had been built as a tavern.  For someone who is an English Country Dance aficionado, a dancefloor is a big thing.  But as it was someone’s house she never got to see if the rumors were true.

A couple of years ago the house went on sale and we decided to call the realtor and pretend we were interested buyers.  Well, we did get to see the fabled dance floor.

And in a fine example of the Universe giving you exactly what you said you wanted–we absolutely fell in love with the place and ended up purchasing it earlier this year.

The whole experience has taught me a few things:

1.  Set a goal that helps you do something you love.  It doesn’t have to be as grand as purchasing and restoring an old house, but find a way to incorporate something you love into your life. Nothing is easier than working toward something you really want.

 2.  Enlist aid from others who share your view.  Not only did my sister recruit me into what we refer to as her “Teel Madness,” but my entire family.  And if your real family is uninterested, create your own tribe to support your dream.  In return, support your supporters as they work toward their dreams.

3. Acknowledge that you have more resourses, strength, determination than you think you do. It seemed like a real pipe dream (or house dream) when we first contemplated  buying Teel. There were a lot of obstacles to what we wanted to be able to do with the house (for example not having to alter the house in crazy ways to conform to current building codes.  There were so many times we could have given up, but we persevered until we found a way to make all that we wanted to do possible.

4.  Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.  Miraculously, we were able to unload all of the furniture off the truck that others had helped us put onall by our little lonesomes.  There’s a certain satisfaciton that comes from digging deep and coming up with the right stuff needed to accomplish whatever task lies before you.  I call it bringing your Inner Amazon to the fore.

That’s why I am offering a group training program for women starting this November 3.  It’s called Awakening Your Inner Amazon–because we all have one, that internal Woman Warrior that can rise to the challenge of life’s changes with kickass clarity, strength and heart.

This four-month program focuses on activating and energizing this fourth feminine archetype (after maiden and mother but before crone) in our energy field through our connection with the four basic elements inherent in nature. We will draw out and explore our relationship with Goddess Guides, animal and elemental allies, Guardian Angels and other spirit helpers in regard to:

    • Fire– your passion
    • Air–your vision
    • Water–your creativity
    • Earth — your manifestation

This program is for you if you feel:

    • fazed by a new phase of your life
    • mired in place but don’t know how to move forward
    • unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your status quo
    • like it’s time to really get what you want out of your life, your love and your work

If this sounds like I’m describing you, CLICK HERE for more information.

By the way, this is what the dining room looked like before and after our handiwork:teel diningroom after

teel dining room before









I’d say the backache (and everywhere else ache) was worth it!

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