What does your break through look like?

At a recent holistic conference I was asked to speak about how to make 2016 your breakthrough year.  For many women, the coming year seems to be a pivotal one.  Folks who have been on the fence about their lives are suddenly ready to take action and take their futures into their own hands.

That’s wonderful, since nothing changes without our own intension to call something different into our lives.  The first step is always letting go of whatever it is we have been holding onto that hasn’t been serving us or is deliberately holding us back.  This refers to relationships, old ways of thinking or beliefs about ourselves or a sour relationship with money or other aspects of life.  This is probably the most difficult aspect of moving forward in our lives, as the things we hold onto are often a comfort to us, part of our defense mechanisms or our personality.  Even our pain can be an old friend that offers as much comfort as it does vexation.  At least it’s the devil we know rather than one that could possibly be worse.

But I believe in taking a bad situation and making it better.  So I came up with 5 ways to get ready for your own createthrough (creative breakthrough).  Here goes.

 1.  Forget the past.  Let whatever happened in the past stay in the past.  This doesn’t mean for you to erase your history, but you can change its impact on your present life.  You don’t have to hold on to old labels you or others have given yourself.  If you think of yourself as shy or always picking the wrong lover, or a flop financially–now is the time to let go of these old ways of thinking about ourselves.  The same goes for all those heavy and dense emotions that hardly ever serve us, such as guilt, shame, worry, self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness or not being “ready” or “strong” enough to to claim the things we desire in life.

How to get ready:  Close your eyes, center yourself and relax.  Think of five things in your life you’d like to forget–these can be events, memories, labels, etc.  Take another deep breath and as you breathe out, do so with the intention of releasing those things you would like to forget.  In your mind state:  I am ready, able and willing to release these things I would like to forget, totally and completely.  This exercise may not get rid of every connection to what you want to forget, but it will state to the Universe your intention that you no longer wish to be connected to the energy of your past in the same way.

2.  Forgive yourself, your parents, your family, the world, God.  Part of releasing the past is to forgive whoever or whatever you may feel has wronged you, even if that includes yourself.  We all carry wounds from birth, from past lives, from lived events and the imprinting of our families.  It can be very easy to get lost in our own woundedness without realizing that the first step in healing what ails us it to give up our feelings of victimhood, of being done wrong or never getting what we deserve from the Universe.  Blaming keeps us stuck in the energy of being wronged or shortchanged.  Luckily, it’s never to late to start over.

How to get ready:  Think of five things you need to forgive.  This can mean certain people, particular incidents, or a general feeling of letting go of that weight that’s been on your back.  Breathe in and when you exhale do so with the intention of releasing feelings of resentment, unforgiveness or anger.   Say to yourself, I totally and completely release any resentment, judgement, anger or unforgiveness that I have been harboring toward anyone, the Universe and myself.  Breathe in again and imagine light flooding those newly empty places in your energy field.

3.  Face your fears.  Each of us has fears about going forward.  Fear we will fail, fear we will succeed, fear our lives will change irrevocably if make it big, fear we will lose those we love because they won’t like the us we become; fear of falling flat on your face and a million other major and minor variations.  For a video on the three ways fear tends to manifest in us, CLICK HERE.  But remember the old axiom, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  We have to leave the comfort of the known and venture into the unknown to really pursue our greatest dreams.

How to get ready:  Think of five things you fear moving forward.  These can be grand fears like losing all your money to something smaller, like not having a definitive plan, or whatever your particular fears are.  Write each one on a small slip of paper.  Let the element of fire be your ally.  Light the tip of each paper with a candle and let the paper burn away safely in an ashtray or small cauldron.  As each burns say, “I release my fear and replace it with love, light and gratitude for the lessons my fear has taught me.”

4.  Fall in Love with your future.  Think of your future like a lover you can’t wait to see.  Look to your future with anticipation rather than fear or worry.  Expect that only good things will come. Make plans knowing that your love is loath to dissapoint you, as long as you give proper instructions (be clear on what you want from the Universe).  Remember that even if pitfalls arise, they too shall pass and serve as guideposts or lessons to keep us on the right path.

How to get ready:  Think of five things you are looking forward to.  Draw or cut out a picture from a magazine to represent each one.  You can paste them to a posterboard as a mini visionboard or keep them on your altar or meditation space.  Place your hands on your heart.  View each image in turn, and as you do say, “I call into my life, my heart, and my energy field that which I desire.”

5.  Forge a new path.  Get your act together and take it on the road.  Part of the reason we stay stuck is that we do a lot of great planning in our heads or on paper, but get stuck in the execution.  But let’s think about what a forge is–it’s a monster of breath and fire in which metal is transformed into tools and other objects.  It is a place of creativity and will and in many ways, manifestation.  So as you strike out on your path (while the iron is hot, no doubt), think of yourself as part of this creative mix, the one who holds the hammer and tongs and who molds life into the shape SHE desires.

How to get ready:  Put your hands on your womb (sacral chakra) the center of creativity in your body.  Inhale deeply, as if you are filling this area with breath.  “I open myself to all the possibilities of my future with patience, self-love and confidence.”

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