Why there’s no such thing as negative energy–
and five things you can do about it

No matter what online or in-person forum you might belong to, sooner or later the question comes up–what do you do about negative energy?  Maybe its energy someone senses around them, maybe its energies a practitioner worries they will pick up from their clients during treatments, maybe its just your nagging mother/spouse/boss/whoever.  

The question remains, how do we rid ourselves, our space or our loved ones of these negative vibrations?

Actually, we don’t.  The first thing we need to acknowledge here is that whether something is positive or negative is not absolute, like when we are talking about battery prongs.  Whether something is positive or negative is a judgment call.  We perceive energies that are not compatible with our own because it is heavy or dark or unknown as negative, when in fact energy is just energy.  

Evil is just misunderstood energy — Witch’s Psalm

What we are really talking about when we talk about negative energy is energy that is, for a variety of reasons, incompatible with our own.  As healers and folks involved in ascension or just looking for the light, we assume that energy that lifts our vibration is good and positive and energy that feels more dense or heavy is negative.  In truth, the biggest problem here is with resonance.  We don’t vibrate at the same frequency as the energy we have encountered.  Oftentimes, this can simply be because we are sensitive and have picked up energy from someone else–not evil, just not ours.

There are several things you can do to strengthen your energy field, some that are meant to bolster you on a permanent basis and others that are as needed practices.

1.  Keep your chakras clear.  There are seven major chakras that comprise an energy spine the same way you have a physical spine with vertebra.  These energy vortexes contain and stimulate energy throughout the body.  One of the easiest ways to clear them is to visualize each chakra spinning bright and clear, either with white light, gold light or with the color light associated with the chakra.  To activate the energy in your body, start from the root chakra and work your way up.  If you want to settle down, perhaps before going to bed, start at the crown and work down.

your energy body

Remember, you also have chakras at your palms and the soles your feet.  Keep those clear also by stomping your feet or clapping your hands with the intent of releasing any unneeded energy.


2.  Cleanse yourself and your space regularly.  Yes, you should sweep up and put on clean clothes, but what I mean here is cleansing your energy.  We all pick up unwanted energies from contact with other people, situations or even our own heavy thoughts or emotions can work to lower our vibration.  Smudging your space and your person can help lift and transmute these dense energies.  The most common plants used to smudge are sage, cedar, palo santo and other woods and other types of incense.  The smoke from burning these cleansing plants carries heavy energies upward to be transmuted in the higher realms.  For those people with allergies or who worry about triggering the smoke alarm, you can also use essences made from essential oils in water like my line of Aromists

3.  Sharpen your Intuition.  Connecting with the information available to you from the Otherworld is key to developing a sense of discernment of energies around you.  If you get a gut (or womb) feeling about someone or something, heed it.  In formation from this part of your energy field often comes a “knowing” like just not feeling right about a person or situation.  Masculine third eye information can come in images, symbols and signs that need to be decoded, much the same way we learn to “read” the language of our dreams.  Feminine third eye information is often noticed as the whispered information or the sudden chill at the back of your neck.  Heart intuition can often serve as the mediator of the two other forms, providing guidance by evoking our sentiments and heart connection to the world around us.  If you are in NY, you can check out my intuition workshop for face-to-face help with developing this capacity.

4.  Put your Shields Up.  Maybe it’s the Trekkie in me (yes, Trekkie, not Trekker) but when I find myself in a situation where the energy feels funky I tell myself “Shields Up.”  It’s just a little reminder to contain my own energy.  This doesn’t mean to shut yourself off from others, but also use your discernment to suss out the nature of energies you come into contact with. Like with many other things, if it doesn’t “feel” right don’t do it (or sit next to him/her on the subway). 

5.  Do a bit of self-examination.  Although “negative” energy is a bit of a misnomer, make no mistake, there are dark and heavy energies, icky stuff that can attach itself to us.  There are things in the shadows that grow even darker from being hidden and ignored.  Often these energies come to us as teachers not merely nuisance vibrations.  What is your shadow trying to tell you?  Is your own energy flow on low ebb?  Is there something in your everyday that you are ignoring that your shadow is trying to show you?  When we start to address these messages our vibration lifts as we are able to release this trapped energy to the Universe for healing.

The point is, if you are feeling “stuck” or “negative” it’s time to change something, let go of something or perceive your situation in a new way.  

Is some aspect of your life or work acting like an “energy vampire” sucking the life and joy out of you?  Now is always the time to figure out how to change that situation. In the comments below, let me know what you are working on in your life now that needs to lift or shift to make a “positive” impact in your life.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I teach a basic energy class and often I find myself addressing the negative energy question. I believe in non resonant energy… similar to what you have described. But I feel that love is all there is… darkness/light, yin/yang, positive/ negative… it is all One. Something that feels bad or negative to us is only non resonant… and if we experience something this way, it is for us to walk away and find the correct vibration. It is all love. It is all One.

  2. deesavoy says:

    You are most welcome, Dixie. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you, Dee for this article…I had to share with others…we so need this information…Thank you, thank you, thank you…..Namastre

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