Will the real Santa please stand up

It’s once again that most wonderful time of the year when we celebrate, Hanukah, Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa and the Winter Solstice.  As always I am struck with how the myths and stories we tell ourselves this time of year have been changed, co-opted, Bowdlerized and sanitized for mass consumption, leaving our true spiritual legacy on the cutting room floor. I was particular moved this year by another blog post on the True Santa (he may not be a black man as Teddy Vann postulated, but perhaps a Siberian woman) and the legacy of the Deer Mothers.  You can read it HERE.

This story of the deer mothers resonates particularly with me, as I often find myself in meditation connecting with myself as a woman dancing dressed in buckskin wearing antlers.  Not only that, I also vibe with Elen of the Ways, one of the antlered mother goddesses of the leylines and songpaths of the dreamworld.  If you want to experience her, check out this video from my Youtube channel:

Looking forward to the new year, I am offering my BREAK THROUGH TO THE NEW YOU 30-Day online course for starting the new year on the right foot.  Here’s what we’ll be focusing on in the course:

  1. Your PURPOSE — What is 2016 about for you?
  2. Your PRIORITIES — What do you need to do and in what order?
  3. Your PLAN — What do you need to do (and when)?

We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps. — Francis Bacon

The Spiritual PathTake this first step in rising to new heights in the next year.  What you will get during the 30-Day Intensive Program:

  • Individual ignition session with Createthrough Coach Dee Savoy
  • Meditations and affirmations for each of the three cycles
  • LIVE telecall at the beginning of each cycle
  • Downloadable Art and Writing Journal to be used during the 30 days
  • Facebook group for interaction, support and networking
  • Everyone leaves with an ACTION PLAN for jumpstarting 2016

If this sounds like just what you need to get your next year in gear, REGISTER HERE.  Right now, the price is $47. but goes up to $97 December 27.

Once again, Happy Holidays!



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