Your Inner Totem Pole ~ Connecting to your Power Animals with Dee Savoy and Lubaina Choudhury

Wednesday September 17, 2014
7:00pm – 9:00pm

find your animal totems

Location: Midtown west (mid 30s, exact location given upon registration)
Cost: $27
In this workshop we will use conscious dreamwork and shamanic journeying to travel through our energy centers and connect to the animal spirits that make up our inner totem pole.
Building and maintaining a relationship with our power animals can be a source of great creative energy as well as healing. After we discover our inner totem poles, we will further honor our connection to the animal realm through songs and movement.

Come and discover the power within your own being and new allies for the dream and waking worlds!  

To register, contact Dee at 347-913-6052.