Your Three Intuitions

We humans are naturally intuitive beings.  This means we pick up messages from Spirit and connect with Spirit on a fairly regular basis.  We get a flash of inspiration or prescience, seemingly out of nowhere.  We walk into a room and get a gut (or womb/hara) feeling about what’s going on there. We get a feeling about someone, which is later on proved to be true.

Many times we dismiss this as odd coincidence or a Twilight Zone moment, but, in reality, the Universe conspires to work with us, to give us the information we need for life on all levels–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  These coincidences, serendipities, synchronicities and the like can be accessed for guidance, healing, divination and inspiration.  

The video below details our three main centers for receiving intuitive information and gives you a brief meditation to connect with each center.

I hope you enjoyed the information and the meditation.  If so, please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

See you next time!

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