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Honing our vision on what we truly want is the first step in what I call a createthrough--a creative breakthrough. We are all creators, able to manifest what we pull down from that imaginal realm of dreams, images, symbols, beliefs and desires. True happiness comes from living the grandest life we can imagine.

Womb Recovery

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Focusing on issues of energetic flow, the elements of creativity and emotional release, Dee specializes in clearing, energizing and activating the energies of the womb for greater connection to the imaginal realm, lineage clearing, release of birth, sexual and abuse trauma as well as grief, wounding and stalled energies through a process called Womb Activation. Clear your womb and set your life free.


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The Goddess Dreams Aromatherapie supports womb work, dream work, intention setting, self-love, energy clearing and spiritual cleansing of our selves and sacred places. Each formulation is made with organic and/or wildcrafted products from outstanding distrubutors.