Dream Big

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Honing our vision on what we truly want is the first step in what I call a create-through--a creative breakthrough. We are all creators, able to manifest what we pull down from that imaginal realm of dreams, images, symbols, beliefs and desires. True happiness comes from living the grandest life we can imagine.

Dare Greatly

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Creating consciously takes guts. Only when we put aside the coulda-woulda-shoulda's of other people's (or perhaps our own) expectations of what we should be can we allow ourselves to break out of limiting molds. Get out of your comfort zone and break out of your box. No toe-dipping allowed. Jump right in!

Create from the Heart

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Whether we are painting the masterpiece, polishing our prose or simply choreographing our lives, our heart provides our greatest source of intuition and our strongest guidance. Search your feelings and build your life around your bliss!